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The Q is a one-stop weekly newsletter of culture recommendations. Too many culture updates to keep up with on Twitter? We think so too. Can’t find a platform where you can receive condensed, reliable, pop-culture content? Yeah, we can’t either.

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Teresa Xie is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, and Sam Fleming is a student at Columbia University. The two have been friends since their early days in high school and are both well-versed and interested in pop-culture. They wanted to create a space where people could easily receive updates on films to watch, albums to listen to, and books to read, while filtering out trashy news often associated with pop-culture sites.

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The Q is unique in that it provides a streamlined platform to receive pop-culture recommendations. In today’s flooded media market, it can be difficult to find distilled content. Every Saturday morning in your inbox, you’ll find a featured article, a new album, a film, a playlist, a book, and something we found funny that week.

Oh, and a Two Virgins podcast episode, where Sam and Teresa talk about a recommendation while drinking virgin drinks! Two Virgins is available on Spotify to stream.

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Our articles have been read and shared by scholars and artists alike. Here are just a few.

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